Friday, October 7, 2011

My Store!

Hey ya'll!! I'm so so so excited to announce my new business! What?! No more photos?!  Don't worry, cause I know you were, photos come first. This is just a little something extra on the side for me. Something I'm very passionate about and instead of going to stores wishing I could have one, I went out and made one! Its been one hell of a year for me and adding this to my list, people will probably call me crazy or think this is a waste of time. Who cares?? In fact, staying this busy has helped push me through the slump I was in.  If I fail, I fail. I can say I did something I didn't think I'd ever do. That in itself makes me pretty damn proud.

The name took awhile for me to decide on & some will never know, it has a little meaning behind it. I wanted to some how share this with my mom or at least tie her into it. I toyed around with name after name, but nothing was clicking. Until eight. Eight just happens to be my lucky number, but its also my birthday. BJs birthday. And, my moms birthday. I love that. So, a little play on words and we got  Decor Eight.

So, the big question. What is it?! Well, its a little bit of everything! Antique & vintage furniture being the focus. Those of you that follow my Impulsive blog know I'm all about aged things. I see so much more character in these items than anything new you can buy in stores. I am fortunate enough to have a husband whos family also shares the same love. His grandma has been collecting for years. Her husband jumped on the opportunity to get rid of some of this "junk"! Our minds are always seeing things that others don't. After cracking jokes about starting up our own business, we've decided to try it out. She knows her stuff and leans towards the higher end stuff. While I see, well, whatever I think is unique! Together, we're going to try and roll with it. Some items I'm leaving "as is", while others will be restored. Cause lets face its, used 60s floral isn't the first thing you want to put in your house.

I want to say thanks to my hubby, mostly for allowing me to take this leap. All your help loading/unloading all this stuff. His family, for making several trips up and putting a lot of their time and effort into arounding all these things! Staci, for designing my logo!! Yes, I had another graphic designer do my own job. Quite frankly, I didn't have time and her stuff kicks ass! THANK YOU!! Matt, that pallet wouldn't have went up while BJ was gone without you, so I'm thanking you too. I'm just all around very thankful everyone has been so supportive and willing to help me.

I don't have things exactly how I want them set up just yet, but while time is only running out, I'm going to open on October 14th. I'll be posting more information on it soon, but I'm very excited to see what ya'll think! For now, heres a little sneak peek to tie you over.


  1. love. love. love. love. LOVE IT. all of it! So happy for you! Congrats a million times over, and I can't wait to check it out in person!